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Brainchild of Lori Hunter.

Wyoming is unique: unique residents, unique talents and a unique lifestyle.

It is mysterious and unlike any place in the world.

There are amazingly creative people tucked in every remote corner of the state.


This is why we created Art Drop.

We want to share Wyoming’s talent with art lovers everywhere.

Wyoming Art Drop will arrive at your door

with six curated, original pieces from Wyoming artists.

Each 2019-2020 Drop will include pottery, jewelry, screen-printing, a journal, sculpture and music.


Think about how much fun it will be to open your drop!

As you unveil six unique handmade pieces inside, you realize a tough choice:

Do you keep them all? Two? Three? Give them all gifts?

Of course, only the best people in your life will deserve a gift such as this.


So... you could order two drops.

Keep one for yourself and gift the other.


Just so you know, 2019-2020 drops are limited to 50. That’s just how special they are.


The 2019 Art Drop will include the following artists: