The best way to explore Wyoming 

is through it's art and artists.


We've made it easy with

Wyoming Art Drop - a curated box

of art from Wyoming artists.

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Wyoming is unique: unique residents, unique talents and a unique lifestyle.

It is mysterious and unlike any place in the world.

There are amazingly creative people tucked in every remote corner of the state.


This is why we created Wyoming Art Drop.

We want to share Wyoming’s talent with art lovers everywhere.

Wyoming Art Drop will arrive at your door

with six curated, original pieces from 6 Wyoming artists.

Each year, the Drop will include different artists and different types of art.

Wyoming Art Drop in the news! Check it out here.



Wyoming Art Drop

includes all this awesomeness


Necklace by Jodie Atherton.
Prairie glass necklace by Jodie Atherton of Laramie, WY.
Between Here and Home by Matt Daly.
Cover of Between Here and Home by Matt Daly of Jackson, WY.
Lino print by Tina McCarty of Casper, WY.
Greatest Efforts
Greatest Efforts by Jalan Crossland of Ten Sleep, WY.
Dannine Donaho
Screenprinter and artist Dannine Donaho of Lander, WY.
Handmade Journals
Journals made by Lori Hunter of Lander, WY using covers from discarded books.
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2020 Drops are limited to 30!


Wyoming Art Drop

Only a few left!


Mug by Jenny Dowd.
Ceramic mug by Jenny Dowd of Alpine, WY.
Pink jackalope by Favian Hernandez.
Paper mâché jackalope by Favian Hernandez of Laramie, WY.
Copper earrings by Beth Snesko.
Copper earrings by Beth Snesko of Casper, WY.
When You're Gone album cover.
When You're Gone album by The Low Water String Band of Lander, WY.
Wyoming Territory tee by Dannine Donaho.
Wyoming Territory screen printed tee by Dannine Donaho of Lander, WY.
Handmade journals by Lori Hunter.
Journals made by Lori Hunter of Lander, WY.
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Think about how much fun it will be to open your Drop!

As you unveil six unique, artist-made pieces inside, you realize Art Drop would make a great holiday gift! So, now a tough choice: Do you keep them all? Two? Three? Give them all gifts?

Of course, only the best people in your life will deserve a gift such as this.

So... you could order two Drops.

Gift one and keep the other!


Just so you know, 2020 Drops are limited to 30! That’s just how awesome they are.

Wyoming Art Drop was created by Lori Hunter. It launched in 2019 with support from both local and non-local artists and community members.


there's only a few 2019 Drops left!

Mon-Sat  |  10:30-5:30

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