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Printer-for-Hire FAQ

Thank-you for considering Snow Deep Designs for your screen-printing needs. We offer custom screen-printing on both textiles and paper goods.

Where do I start?
For garment selection: click here.
Also, please see the Snow Deep Order Form.

Turnaround Time

From placing the garment order to printing, we prefer a 2 week or 10 working day work window. Estimates can be calculated when artwork details are complete. However, artwork may be finalized and the screens can be created after the garment order is placed. Help us to meet your deadline by planning ahead!

Can Snow Deep Designs create custom artwork?

Yup! Snow Deep Designs offers design services for $25/hour. Please provide a concept and color scheme, if you have it.  We are also happy to develop a concept with you.  


Existing artwork will not be re-drawn for customer purposes due to copyright and ethical issues.


Please add a week to the total turnaround time for original artwork.


Original artwork created by Snow Deep Designs is owned by Snow Deep Designs. Please inquire if you would like to purchase the artwork for other uses.

If I have my own artwork, what file types are accepted?

We can work with just about any file-type unless it is too small.


Vectorized file types, such as .eps, .ai, or .pdf can be resized without compromising the image. If supplying these file types, please remember to outline any fonts.  


If the art is not vectorized (but instead made of dots),  the file must be saved at 300 dpi as a .tiff, .psd, or .jpg in the size you would like it printed.


Standard printing is limited to 12" x 12."


9" is the most common width for printing t-shirt fronts.

Where can we print on the garment?

We can print on the front, back, sleeve, or lower leg.  We can print on a soft hat; anything that can lie flat.  We cannot print over a seam or a zipper.

What type of ink do you use?

We typically use plastisol inks for textile and water-based inks for paper printing.

How many colors can we print per job?

We have a 6-color press and can print up to six colors in a single print design.