Guest Artist Program

Let's work together!

  • ​For artists already experienced in the screen-printing process.

  • 3 hours of in-house training required prior to clearance for working on Snow Deep equipment.

  • Artist creates one-color artwork in-house.

  • If design is marketable in Lander, 15 shirts will be printed and Snow Deep will pay artist $20/hour for up to 4 hours to retain design, plus 2 free printed shirts.

  • The Snow Deep Design logo will be printed on the back of each shirt, but an additional tag with information on the guest artist will be added to merchandise as a way to support the artist and the program.

In conclusion...

What Snow Deep Design gets: a new design with connection to an artist; and the potential to make $220 after cost of goods sold and time working with the artist.

What artist gets: pay for a design; a free refresher course on screen-printing; free shirts; and their artwork sold in a retail store in Lander.