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Lori Hunter



I am a maker. I am a hunter of objects that are unique, used and old. I am a believer in waste-not-want-not. These are my inspirations.  I strive to be less wasteful and shop second hand first in my everyday life and that has overlapped into my art. I find myself asking the question “what can I make with this?” Being drawn to graphic patterns and design is what brought me to ask this question when I came across a basket of ties at a yard sale.  I give discarded objects a new life. Most of the materials I use are rescued, reused, re-purposed; often on their way to the landfill. An old tie becomes useful again as a make-up bag or purse organizer or portable colored pencil storage. Old book covers become journals while the book’s pages become my canvas with hidden messages waiting to be found. Unwanted t-shirts become helpful baskets. Vintage buttons become a lovely face.​  I have been a graphic artist for 18 years. The last thirteen of those years working for non-profits and doing freelance design work.