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Shannon Kelly


shan_ranch (1 of 6).jpg

Originally from Tennessee, I moved out West to attend college in Boulder, Colorado, where I received an undergraduate degree in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.


My love for climbing, skiing, horseback riding and the outdoors eventually led me to Lander. Throughout my travels and schooling, art has always been a huge passion of mine. The environment constantly inspires me, and I try to incorporate that into my art. I love combining my education and my artwork in a state of surrealism; a dreamlike interpretation of what I am seeing in my imagination. Most of my work includes wildlife, outdoor recreation and the mountains; conveying my love for Wyoming.


I started working for Snow Deep Designs in March of 2019 as a screen-printing apprentice. Since then, I have fallen in love with the magical process of screen printing as well as the production of functional, affordable art. I have also begun to explore the art of sewing, which has led to up-cycling old fabrics into new, functional art. Through my work, I aim to be conscience of the environment while sharing my art and passions.

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