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Snow Deep is an artist-owned custom screen-printing shop in Lander, Wyoming

We offer custom printing for you, your business, your events, your friends, your family, or most importantly your personal soapbox.  Custom orders are priced on the number of colors in your design.  We can make you a design if you don't have one, we are good at that. (See Printer for Hire tab at top for more information on custom printing.)

All of our prints are hand-pulled in house. Our studio is three/quarters production--we have two printing presses and a light-safe room for making the screens. It's an old-fashioned way to make a living, but if the DIY (or do-it-yourself) movement means anything to you, you might understand.  And to that matter, we also offer classes and birthday parties so you can do it yourself too. (See the DIY tab at the top right for more information.)

A fun space for the human race.

The other part of our studio is retail where we sell original designs printed on tees, tanks, hoodies, cards, posters and more.  We also have our designs made into products such as iron-on patches or stickers, and sell up-cycled and other handcrafted goods and artwork. Most of our designs celebrate central Wyoming landscapes and culture.  Many of these items are also posted for sale here on our online shop.  We always print a new edition of designs for the  big Lander 4th of July celebration.  This is our bread and butter and also how we got started.

Our customers tell us they like the service we provide and the quality of our work.  We like to listen to our customers because, well, they are our customers.