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Give/Take exhibition was a traveling art exhibition in 2015 created by eleven women artists residing in Wyoming. Linked in a focus on the exploration of “nourishment”, each artist explored how we need, receive, and provide nourishment on many levels, including physical, mental, and spiritual. The concept seemed particularly current given the overwhelming amount of choices and information available, and given that the consequences of how we choose to nourish ourselves and others can have far-reaching impacts.

Works in the show presented a variety of interpretations of the concept, and invited viewers to think about how they both give and receive nourishment in their own lives. The show consisted of paintings, sculpture, original prints, ceramics, and assemblage pieces.

Give/Take Exhibition artists included, Dannine Donaho, Lisa Hueneke, Virginia Moore, Tonya Pepper, Jodie Atherton, Kristin Vogel, Sally Watt, Anne Austin, Mati Snodgrass, Maggie Kanengieter, and Cristin Zimmer.

We met.

We collaborated.

We made art.

2015-06-01 19.10.00
2015-06-01 20.21.33
2015-06-01 19.35.36
2015-06-01 19.02.26
2015-06-01 19.21.37
2015-06-01 19.20.58
2015-06-01 19.51.25
2015-06-01 19.25.22
2015-04-27 19.23.17

The show traveled.

We celebrated.

2015-04-09 20.34.22
2015-04-09 19.14.54
2015-04-09 19.08.01
2015-04-09 19.08.05
2015-04-09 19.07.29
2015-04-09 19.08.27
2016-06-18 16.17.59
2015-07-10 20.18.03
2016-04-29 19.11.18
2016-06-18 19.13.00-1
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