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Thank-you for considering Snow Deep Designs for your Custom Screen-Printing and Graphic Design needs.  We screen-print on most textiles and paper goods and can create custom artwork for you.


garment price + printing fee + screen fee + design fee = custom work price

Printing Fees

          10-24 pieces   25-74 pieces    75 and up

1-color      $2.50            $2           $1.50  

2-color      $5               $4           $3     

3-color      $7.50            $6           $4.5   

4-color      $10              $8           $6     

5-color      $12.50           $10          $7.5   

6-color      $15              $12          $9     

Our minimum order is 10 pieces.
A 50% deposit is required on all orders.
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Screen Fee

Each color or print location needs a screen: $25 each. Only if requested at time of printing, screens will be saved for up to 4 months. A set-up fee of $15 per screen will apply to each additional print addition.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Custom Ink Mix or Pantone $5 per color

  • Ink Color Change $10 per color

  • Metallic or glitter ink Additional fee of .50 per piece

  • Printing over white under-base Additional fee of .50 per piece plus additional screen fee of $25

  • Rush Service 20% fee on total plus shipping from garment supplier if applicable. Subject to discussion or approval.

  • Special Order Credit Card Fee A 3% fee will be added to custom work paid with a credit card.

  • Minimum print fee $30


  • For orders over 150, please contact us for a custom estimate. Estimates can be calculated when artwork details are complete. Quantity discounts will apply.

  • Sales tax license number required prior to order for the removal of sales tax.

Free Services

  • Consultation

  • Up to 3 mock-up files are provided upon request.

  • Style selection/shopping assistance.

  • Counting, folding and size sorting/organization for distribution purposes. Please remember to count your shirts immediately upon pick-up.

  • Printing on multiple styles and sizes, unless an additional screen is required, then additional screen fee applies. For example, printing one design on youth, adult, and/or ladies styles requires various set-up changes. We offer this service for free.

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Screen-printing FAQ

Can Snow Deep Designs create custom artwork?

Yup! Snow Deep Designs offers screen-printing design services for $50/hour. You can provide a concept and color scheme or we are happy to develop a concept with you.  


Existing artwork will not be redrawn for customer purposes due to copyright and ethical issues.


Please add a week to the total turnaround time for original artwork.


Please inquire if you would like to purchase custom artwork for uses other than screen-prinitng.

If I have my own artwork, what file types are accepted?

We can work with just about any file format unless it is too small.


Vectorized files, such as .eps, .ai, or .pdf can be resized without compromising the image. If supplying these file types, please remember to outline any fonts.  


If the art is not vectorized, the file must be saved at 300 dpi as a .tiff, .psd, or .jpg in the size you would like it printed.


Standard printing is limited to 12" x 12."


9" is the most common width for printing t-shirt fronts.

Where can I print on a garment?

We can print on the front, back, or sleeve.

What type of ink do you use?

We use plastisol inks.

How many colors can we print per image/job?

Because we print by hand, we prefer designs with no more than 3-4 colors.

Do you have a minimum quantity?

Our minimum order is 10 pieces.

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