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Snow Deep Designs was founded in January 2012.

At the time, I was the Director of the Lander Art Center, a small non-profit arts organization focused on creating a strong arts community through exhibitions, education, and professional development. As part of professional development, we encouraged artists to develop the skills they needed to market their art and create a viable art business: no small feat. Taking photographs of artwork, writing artist statements, and meeting deadlines were a few of the supported skills. The Art Center succeeds by and for the artist community, knowing that each needs the other.

As a result of this work, the Art Center often receives calls for artists to do demonstrations or provide activities at various events. Being an artist myself concentrating on painting prior to my time at the Art Center, I am also a fan of just about every art process. I soon realized there was a void of screen-printers in the area and people needed screen-printing. Logo t-shirts needed to be printed--there is demand and screen-printing makes a great traveling art demonstration. An idea was born.

I purchased my 4-color 2-station printing press shortly after the new year. After grant season concluded at the Art Center in May, I completed my first screen-printing job. I printed sponsor logos on bike skirts for a tribe of women going to Utah to ride the Little Red Riding Hood Bicycle Ride.

My new perspective is different than that of a studio artist: logos are the artwork of the masses and therefore have great value and influence. I find it satisfying to use my art skills to help small businesses reach similar goals by helping them to market their product. Logo work is my bread and butter.

Today, I am a full-time screen-printer. I print for small businesses, event planners, creatives, artists, students, teachers, my friends, my family, and myself. I am interested in learning and using the stencil technique in the best way possible.  Sometimes this is creative, sometimes practical. I prefer quality ink, garments, and paper. I am a tactile person and want to produce quality hand-printed items that celebrate Wyoming, #nastywomen, children and other important things.

Thank-you for your interest and

support of Snow Deep Designs.

Dannine Donaho,

Owner and Artist

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