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  • HI Grandma, I've been thinking about you!

    I've always said that painting a portrait is like a meditation on a person. A long one. Every interaction you've ever had with that person, every thing you know about them...floats up to the top, settling in your conscious mind while you paint. It can be a little odd when you next see the person, after working long hours on their portrait. You might say, "Hi! I've been thinking about you for the last four days!" This ensures a very weird interaction if the subject of the portrait is just an acquaintance...or a teenager goddess help me. Eye-twitch, half-smile, loss of face muscle-control micro-second later and we have a good 30 Rock skit premise: the intimate, but not so intimate hi-bye. Recently, I've discovered that painting a portrait of a person as important as my laid-to-rest Grandma is different than that. (Mini-joy identified!) For this work, the goal is to make the connections offered by the information floating up and settling in my conscious mind. Memories of diners, beaches, black and white movies, candy jars, closet playrooms, tablecloths, wallpaper, jewelry, bedspreads, gossip a.k.a talk without saying anything, butter, Uncle Joe, Sis, Christmas trees, singing....fill my mind. I'm painting and thought-bubbles float up of the things I did right (sent postcards) followed by thought-bubbles of the things I wish I had more patience for (visits). I'm painting and I realize why I wear lipstick and like shiny things. I'm painting and I remember that it was through my Grandma's life that I also learned about addiction, abuse, and pain. Perhaps there were too many children (eleven) or perhaps there was too little money. Looking at the bigger picture, was it the era (the 1960's), inequality, or the military lifestyle that was to blame? The soup of my conscious mind begins to put the puzzle together. My Grandma loved puzzles and so do I. I'm still painting and I mull over the complicated web woven by family. Some things talked about way too much and other things not enough because it's just so hard to know what questions to ask and what information to offer. The truth and the story ebb and flow from each other, sometimes the same, sometimes not. My paintings become my interpretation of that story. I have discovered a new type of intimacy, one that was never available when my Grandma was here in this physical world. And I discover that I have her smile. Hi Grandma! I've been thinking about you. Dannine Donaho

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  • Design and screenprinting in Lander Wyoming | Snow Deep Designs | United States

    Log In 0 Home Order Form Shop About Dannine Donaho Contact Folder About Snow Deep Designs An artist-owned custom screen-printing and retail shop in Lander, Wyoming. We hand-print original designs inspired by the culture and landscape of Wyoming; offer screen-printing workshops; and print for local businesses and events. We offer custom screen-printing for you, your business, your events, your friends, your family, or (most importantly) your personal soapbox. Custom garment orders are priced on the number of colors in your design. We can make a design for you if you don't have one. We're good at that! Click here for more information on custom printing. All of our prints are hand-pulled (pushed?) in-house. Our studio is mostly production. We have multiple printing presses and a light-safe room to burn screens. It's an old-fashioned way to make a living, but if the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement means anything to you, you might understand. The rest of our space is retail where we sell original designs printed on tees, tanks, hoodies, cards, posters and more. We also sell hand-sewn items such as fabric baskets and coasters and we have hand-made beaded earrings. We occasionally have our designs made into products such as iron-on patches and stickers. Most of the products in our shop celebrate Wyoming landscapes and culture. Many of these items are also posted for sale in our online shop . We do our best to keep the inventory accurate, but it's a BEAR, so to speak. Our Artists: Dannine Donaho owner Shannon Kelly artist Mary Haper sewista Maggie Bell beadwork IN THE NEWS Listen to Coffee Time from February 2022: a chat with the LOR Foundation and Snow Deep Designs about various projects and community connection. ​ Snow Deep Designs wins the Ripple Award in October 2019 ​ Check this out

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